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Priyanka Chopra receives nominations for World Music Awards

December 10th 2012

Bollywood actress and musician Priyanka Chopra has been nominated for the World Music Awards (WMA) 2013 for her debut international single 'In My City'. As one of the biggest awards in the world of global music, Chopra will be competing alongside musical heavyweights such as Madonna, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The Bollywood beauty has been nominated in three important categories - Best Debut, Best Song and Best Video respectively.

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra launched her debut international single 'In The City' in collaboration with earlier this year. The song received rave reviews from both an international audience and world musi... Keep Reading

Bollywood singer Ash King speaks to Bolly Spice

December 7th 2012

Bollywood playback singer Ash King is known for his string of hit songs for high-profile films like  ‘Delhi 6’, ‘Dum Maaro Dum’, ‘Ek Main Aur Akk Tu’ and his most recent project ‘Rush’ starring Emraan Hashmi. Born Ashutosh Ganguly, Ash king’s claim to fame has extended internationally after this Indian singer was featured on Lady Gaga's ‘Deewan Remix’ of ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Just Dance’ on her official album. Ash is an influential figure is the UK music industry having sung and co-written the song ‘Love is Blind&a... Keep Reading

One Pound Fish Shahid Nazir to release Christmas single

December 7th 2012

A fish seller from Pakistan who moved to England just over a year ago has signed a music contract with one of the country’s biggest music labels and is expecting his first single to launch during the festive season. Shahid Nazir, the man behind the viral song 'One Pound Fish' that received millions of hits on the Internet, is recording a Christmas single for Warner Music that has been touted to be a chartbuster even before it is released!

The 31-year-old who relocated to London to fulfil his "London dream" has left behind his wife and four children in the Pakistani town of Pattoki near Lahore. His family are incredibly proud of his s... Keep Reading

Gangnam Style parody London Style receives almost 4 million YouTube views

December 7th 2012

The success of South Korean pop star PSY's eccentric hit single 'Gangnam Style' has spurred many tributes, remixes, covers and spoofs. Following successful parodies to the international sensation in the form of 'Inmate Gangnam Style' from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre, 'Lifeguard Style' from the 14 El Monte California lifeguards, and 'Nerdy Style' from popular YouTube performer JuzDin, the UK has created its own rendition of the popular track with the exclusive 'London Style' featuring a dance troupe reliving the dance routine of the song in front of famous London landmarks.

'Lo... Keep Reading