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Spice 2 Go and Swing Patrol Dance Their Way into The Dragons Den

July 28th 2013

Although only two episodes into the latest series of Dragons’ Den it has become apparent that the party vibe has proven to be a winner for promising entrepreneurs.

Over the years we have learnt that the frightful Dragon’s love to be surprised, educated and inspired, expecting businessmen and women to create a pitch that blows them away and catches them off-guard.

This series it appears that the Investors want to be entertained, thoroughly enjoying the performances that have unfolded in front of them so far.

Last week we saw swing sc... Keep Reading

Tulisa Drug Deal Verdict Announced

July 21st 2013

Tulisa has been accused of an array of crimes over the past year but it does seem that things are now looking up for the ex-N-Dubz star.

It has today been announced that the North Londoner has been acquitted of all charges in relation to a drug deal between undercover Sun reporter Mr Mahmood and rapper Mike GLC.

These allegations have not only ruined Tulisa’s public image and relationship with her fans but was the sole reason behind her exit from the ITV talent show The X Factor.

After much deliberation it has been revealed that the undercover reporter had in fact been lying about Tulisa’s involvement in... Keep Reading

Taylor Swift Urges Artists to be More Innovative in Wall Street Journal Entry

July 9th 2013

Taylor Swift is what we could call an unconventional pop star, relying solely on her talent to sell records.

Where the majority of artists fall back on sex appeal to make money in the music industry Taylor Swift is far more interested in making social comments, especially on the subject of music and popular culture.

The American beauty has this week written an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal, progressing her thoughts over the state of the music industry at present.

In the prose she defines herself as ‘an enthusiastic optimist: one of the few living souls in the music industry who still believes ... Keep Reading