Ed Sheeran Branded the Perfect Thatcherite

Where many feel being associated with the late Margaret Thatcher as an immense insult Ed Sheeran should not, with his branding as a ‘Thatcherite’ used to illustrate his humble presentation of the middle-class through music.

Although having been around for a few years he has found new fame of late with his scatty, homegrown image proving to be a big hit amongst fans.

‘Ed Sheeran is the perfect Thatcherism pop’ writes Journalist Tom Leonard, hailing Sheeran as the greatest cultural export since Downtown Abbey.

Sheeran’s act focuses on hard work rather than image and the celebrity life, proving him to be a heartwarming, respectful British artist.

‘We don’t yet know his political views — he’s far too self-effacing to foist those on us. But at the risk of ruining his credibility, it has to be said that, in many ways, Sheeran is the perfect Thatcherite pop star.

The product of a supportive, middle-class English family, he has pulled himself up through talent and sheer bloody-minded hard work.

You could hardly accuse Sheeran of riding the usual image-obsessed route to pop stardom. He’s sweet-looking rather than handsome — he boasts an unruly mop of ginger hair, an unconvincing beard and a student wardrobe. On stage without his guitar, he looks like a fan who’s just jumped up there.’ Says Leonard.

Let us know what you think of Ed Sheeran. Is he refreshingly individual?


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