Spice 2 Go and Swing Patrol Dance Their Way into The Dragons Den

Although only two episodes into the latest series of Dragons’ Den it has become apparent that the party vibe has proven to be a winner for promising entrepreneurs.

Over the years we have learnt that the frightful Dragon’s love to be surprised, educated and inspired, expecting businessmen and women to create a pitch that blows them away and catches them off-guard.

This series it appears that the Investors want to be entertained, thoroughly enjoying the performances that have unfolded in front of them so far.

Last week we saw swing school founder, Scott Cuplit, dance his way to a hefty investment, securing the support of avid body-popper Debra Meaden.

Scott put on a great show in the den, setting off his pitch by inviting a group of dancers in with him. Following the performance he introduced his business, Swing Patrol, alluring the business giants up to the dance floor to swing alongside him.

In last night’s episode we saw Spice 2 Go CEO Tej Randeva also use the power of entertainment in an attempt to excite the Dragons.

The Welsh businessman who was pitching for investment in his Indian food franchise business was equipped with a group of Bhangra dancers, making sure that both the Dragon’s and the viewers at home stopped and paid attention.

When a tapestry of colours entered the den lit up, demanding the eyes and ears of the Dragons.

The Bhangra dancers were dressed in orange and green, in keeping with Spice 2 Go’s brand image. With the loud Indian music and the jingling of the dancers’ bangles Spice 2 Go’s aim was to bring a unique Indian experience to BBC Two.

Although sadly not gaining investment from the Dragon’s Tej Randeva has been far from demotivated, hungrier than ever to introduce the first ever curry brand to the UK food market.

They say that it is how you deal with such disappointments that define you. Spice 2 Go has not shied away from the fact that all did not go swimmingly well in the den.

Take a look at their response on the amazing new Spice 2 Go website.

Tej is now actively seeking investment, welcoming like-minded professionals to come on board for what he calls ‘The Curry Revolution’. 

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